The Star Trek vs Star Wars debates have raged on the internet for many years. This pastime became so heated, and so popular, that interest spread to other franchises as well, such as Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and Stargate. I myself participated in these debates from time to time, but found it difficult to make certain points clear, due to the sheer volume of posts and number of debaters. In 1997, I created the Turbolaser Commentaries, dedicated to a serious discussion of the technicalities of these weapons in Star Wars. The website format allowed me to clearly demonstrate certain facts without the constant interruption that takes place in discussion forums. As these documents came to be considered a reference source, I added some discussions of the technology seen in a then-new series called Babylon 5, which eventually grew into a more ambitious web project called BabTech. As this domain name was already taken, the name evolved into Babtech on the Net, which itself came to be considered a reference source. It is now years since that material has faded into memory, and I find myself equally interested in other Science Fiction or Fantasy programs, and again find myself interested in sharing my views about the technicalities online. I decided to take a more pragmatic approach this time, and present everything in video format. The modern audience is less interested in reading page after page of text discussing so many pixels of this or so many terajoules of that. I’ll try to make it entertaining and fair. Links are above. Videos will open in a new window for viewer flexibility. Blogs are on YouTube. Optimized for iOS devices.

It is not the author’s intent to infringe on copyright. Images and videos used herein are part of a technical discussion and/or comparative analysis, and are therefore covered under Fair Use terms of copyright law.

February 15: Added commentary on Babylon 5 Tactics to the Strategy/Tactics section.