Star Wars Case studies



The universal soldier: a man who may have to fight anywhere must be able to function in any environment.

Star Wars Episode II: Incredible Cross-sections

How were the numbers derived? Continued commentaries available on request.

Star Destroyers

Why does the Empire always use those wedge designs?


In a galaxy full of technology, variations abound.

Continued in:

Part 2, The Permeability Vulnerability

Part 3, Answering critiques regarding permeability

Ion Cannons

How do we recognize them, and what do they do?

FTL Tracking

Can they detect ships on approach?

Jedi Crash

Can ships in Star Wars survive the corona of a star?

Blasters to Turbolasers

Does collateral damage scale from one weapon to the next? Can we predict collateral damage?

Hyperspace Navigation

Are ships blind and helpless during transit, or in unfamiliar territory?

Continued in:

Part 2, Revisions post Disney acquisition.

Blaster Power Settings

Do they have them?

Body Armor

How protective is it?

Hyperspace Speed

How fast is FTL travel in Star Wars?

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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The Force Awakens

Several long-standing debates are decided.

Rogue One

More long-standing debates are decided.

Blaster Firepower

Comparison to 50 BMG.

The Last Jedi

Technicalities from the film.


Make the Kessel Run in 20 minutes!