The Star Trek vs Star Wars debates have raged on the internet for many years. This pastime became so popular that interest spread to other franchises as well, such as Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and Stargate. This is my third online project, and I decided to take a more pragmatic approach this time, meaning there is more emphasis placed on how well something works, rather than the specific science behind how it works. I also decided to present everything in video format, based on the observation that modern audiences are less interested in reading page after page of text. Videos will open in a new window for viewer flexibility.

There are several goals of this project. First, to present the viewer a new and better way of making comparisons, including a preset list of criteria and sources. Second, to make some of those comparisons ourselves. To highlight certain strengths and weaknesses noted in each franchise covered. And finally, to present content creators with a few ideas to help improve their own work. This information is shared freely with the public, and no money is made from it.

It is not the author’s intent to infringe on copyright. Images and videos used herein are part of a technical assessment, and/or comparative analysis, and are therefore covered under Fair Use terms of copyright law.